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Useful Tools to grow Your Etsy Business

Pricewoot helps you in boosting your Etsy sales and analyzing your Etsy performance.

Super Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns

Create and run Facebook ad campaigns right from your Pricewoot account. Reach Etsy buyers (interested in your product category) on Facebook.

Discover Correct Prices

Pricewoot uses its predictive analysis engine to suggest correct prices for your products to generate more revenues. Fact: Amazon changes its prices more than 2.5 million times a day.

Track Shop Data & Get Suggestions

Shop Analytics will keep you updated about important metrics related to your Etsy business and will guide you what to do & what not to do to improve your earnings.

Track Your Top Tags & Materials

Pricewoot will help you understand what kind of products & tags are doing better on your store so that you can focus on right areas while developing new products

Tags Generator for Etsy

Generate top performing & trending keywords on Etsy search as tags for your product listings so that you can get more quality traffic on your shop for free.

Track Your Top Customers

According to Etsy data, 90% sales on Etsy are generated by top 10% buyers on Etsy. We will help you find your top buyers.


Pricewoot is an easy to use Etsy seller tool. In case you have any queries, just to write to Here below, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions :

What is Pricewoot?

Pricewoot is a set of powerful Etsy tools to help Etsy sellers optimize their listings, shop and re-engage with their customers to generate more sales. Some of the main features include - product price suggestions, track and generate top tags for your products, track and engage your customers etc.

How Pricewoot works?

After analyzing millions of sales for tens of thousands of Etsy stores , we built number of powerful Etsy data analysis systems to predict correct prices for your products. All the magic happens in the backend and you see the results in a simplified form on your Pricewoot dashboard.

How much does Pricewoot cost?

You can use Pricewoot for FREE OF COST to discover correct prices for your first 15 products, generate tags for first 5 times, track basic shop data, top 5 tags & materials from your shop and so on. If you want complete access to all the Pricewoot features, you can upgrade your account.

Tell me something about Pricewoot team.

Pricewoot is developed by the engineers from popular social media apps like Viralwoot, Storewoot, MySocialPig and big tech giants like Google, Etsy and Amazon. We analyzed millions of sales from tens of thousands of Etsy Stores and created algorithms based on these huge data sets. These algorithms are further plugged into Google's artificial learning software TensorFLow, to keep improving Pricewoot with every new user. Pricewoot is by-far one of the most advanced and powerful Etsy seller apps available in the market today.

Is Pricewoot safe ?

Absolutely. Pricewoot is an Etsy approved app. We already have two other Etsy sellers tools in the market, used by over 40,000 Etsy sellers daily.

I have a query. Whom shall I contact?

You can either use our Contact & Help Desk (present on the right side) or directly mail us at